I felt this was very important..is I got where the clowns would rather search for an terrorize the home person an not the boom cars..I caught the cop trying to set me up for a false purse snatching charge..where he cant find 30/15 FLA statutes..him claiming he cant do anything about boom cars..him repeatedly interrupting me..him playing good cop/ bad cop..me clearing saying if I didn't hear the American terrorist..I would not have to call in the first place..then if you look at the last video freeze frame it in the last couple of seconds you can see where a dickless tracy is I believe saying do you want me to arrest him..course that bitch forgets about her crybaby title 9 sue rights...then the idiot tries to trick me to say threatened him..by challenging him to do exercises..because he said I am going to have a heart attack cause I am so upset..then you can see where he tried to get my land lord to evict me..an I mentioned how many people that have beaten him out of rent money..and I am the only one as far as I know..makes it a priority to pay rent before it is due..you can best bet..he remembers me out of the hundreds of renters he has had..also he has on his truck in god we trust..all I can tell you is I believe the holy spirit put the right words in my mouth..I never thought I would see the day cops would on purpose use irritation tactics to jail innocent people..hell all I want is to be peaceful get along with my fellow man..I will also be putting up my conversations..of dispatchers admitting boom cars cant hear emergency vehicles..I give my maker the credit..for putting the right words in my mouth...because I was under being severely stressed..that I have never heard or witnessed in my whole life..over these American terrorist boom cars..an I daily think how many millions of Americans have been trapped..by the cop criminal racketeering partnership.