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Harassment Case
Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones.
Florida Statute FS-876 - Conspiracy & Public Servant Oath
Florida Statute FS-895 - Cop racketeering
Florida Statute FS-943, Subtitle 13 - Lousy 2nd degree misdemeanor for a cop to get their job.
Slice her and dice her, in our own back yard?
Proof of perjury and false charges, protecting serial killer? (A1 S16)
US Code, Title 18, Chapter 241 (punishment: 10 years, or $10,000)
Escapee brags (destination, Panama City, FL ... serial killer sanctuary?)
God Bless the most honorable Governor, Charlie Crist... message of hope
Oath Of Arrest And Prosecution (make copies, keep it with you)
Oath Of Arrest And Prosecution (05-25-2016)
Oath Of Arrest And Prosecution FOR DUMMIES
Bikeman's "Poor Man's Bill Of Rights"
Panama City Wal-Mart robbed by a VERY familiar face
Florida Statute FS-14 - Proof it's Governor's Duty To Arrest Dirty Cops, etc.
Indianapolis Police Chief Arrested For Rights Violation
Public Servant Waiver (print it, keep it with you)
Highway Robbery (aka: Judge gone wild over tape recording)
The truth about the Trudie Foster hara$$ment lawsuit.
Cop resigns after investigation.  Is the "Bikeman Method" catching on?
Innocent man arrested for tourist-like behavior?
Is new PC Beach "initiative" a cover for a plot to jail more innocent people?
Bikeman roasts 3 Idiot Clown turkeys on Thanksgiving day. (transcript of audio)
Bikeman's attempt at case discovery by e-mail, stonewalled.
Where is Judge Roy Moore, Now?
Are witness intimidation tactics still in style in Florida?
Are the homeless purposefully being excluded from the decisions that effect them?
Police Under Surveillance
Eye On Police Power
Struggle With Knife-Wielding Suspect
Are old terrorists the newest method for homeland attacks?  Check THIS out...
Did you know that "Victim's Rights" had a MAJOR qualifier?
Another dirty copy (aka: Idiot  Clown) goes too far, but this time, he is busted for MURDER !
PCPD Victim's Rights Brochure ... with The Bikeman's notes.

Is this a cover up or what? I count at least 20 felonies.  I wonder what kind of "just in case cover up dirt he had"

3 Palm County women beat up a neighbor for complaining about excessive noise levels.  The 3 claims the complainer threw
the first punch, and is arrested... sound familiar?
PC Commissioners Set To Purchase Land For Resource Center - WMBB News 13 - The Panhandle's News Leader. Please put on website con$ $pir$ary. To. Perenantly to jail opp$ en$lave the homele$" under the gui$e of city improvement.
Man accused of killing teen over loud music
Sheriff’s office lowers the boom on loud car stereos
Gang problems in Duval County bigger than their own government is letting on?
Bikeman's Prayer
Video And Audio Recording
Florida Justice - Not Like Anywhere Else
Did Florida Justice Fail Kevin Wood
Man stabbed in fight outside bar
Crestview "Idiot Clown" busted and indicted for racketeering (FS 895.02(1),(4))
Correspondence with StrollaLaw.com
Bikeman's Oath Of Arrest And Prosecution Blocked by CopBlock,org
Incredible professional treatment by congressman office Steve Stockman by aid George Barros
Deputies Arrest Man Who Shot At Accused Tarpon Spring Cop Killer
Legal precedent that it is NOT harassment to call the idiot clownz about noise violations

Pedestrian pronounced dead 5 days after crash

SUV Collides With Bicyclist in Panama City

Delray Beach police officer arrested on perjury charges
Bike Safety Fraud: More lame excuses from the powers that be.
Florida Cop Shot, Run Over With Car Hours After NYPD Murders
Biblical proof the Boom-Car Punks and the Idiot Clownz force are in on it, together.
Video Cited By Police in Murder Charges
Bikeman's "Fast And Easy Bike Rights Letter", version 1
Bikeman's "Fast And Easy Bike Rights Letter", version 2
Senator And Governor Busted in case of harassment of the homeless.
Complete oath of arrest and prosecution, poor mans bill of rights

More information released in Ft. Walton Beach Police shooting which left one dead

Panama City Commission Denies LEAD Coalition Funding Request
Scam coalition becomes "official" group
Scam coalition schedules official lie session
Michael Dunn victim of boom car punk cops aiding or ignoreing a criminal enterprise

Florida Judge Pens Brutal Rebuke of Crooked Drug Cops

The real deadly danger of boom cars: subwoofer low-frequency systems explained
Bikeman nukes electioneering attempt
Michael T. Slager, a former North Charleston police officer, testifies about the shooting death of Walter L. Scott

Florida Bar files complaint against Pittman

The Governor's Bullshit Fountain (or how the laws we NEED get lost in circumlocution)
Criminal conspiracy in the case of Paul Camiolo vs State Farm
Proof of highly paid state-protected welfare lying criminal bums
Dirty Cop Bicycle Terrorist 2017
Robbed Of A Jury Trial ... AGAIN