Have you had your rights violated by a member of
the "Idiot Clownz" force?

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Bikeman fights unknown illness, as well as a possible cover-up
Bikeman robbed of his Constitutionally
guaranteed right to a jury trial.
Clownz Busted Again Is Bay County sleeping with
the F.B.I. ???

Bikeman attempts to report
a known terrorist, and
is given "the runaround".

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Before they
try to make us
Bikeman's Rights Violated by Bay County Idiot Clownz Force at a political rally!

Oath Of Arrest And Prosecution

Bikeman's Prayer

(Warning: Adult Content)
$pecial agent$ handbook (wink wink).

Is this manual ju$t only for reading?
Why is it i call 1-800-CALLFBI and get a guy thats more
interested in my name than the name of a career criminal
that I believe is a possible murderer?
Even though I was told they got the computers they will
not use them to verify my claims where they could see
pictures of a knife attack on me and even hear a tape
recorded death threat.
Could it be because I caught pictures of the cops
protecting this criminal?
And I was subsequently robbed of a jury trial?
I went to jail because they declared HIM as the victim.
Is there an under-the-table payoff required before
they will safeguard our society and jail those
who protected this criminal?
Gang problems in Duval County bigger than
their own government is letting on?
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American Patriot arrested, and denied bond.
When will the terrorist protection end?
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Are card sharks rampant in Bay County?
to read all about it.

Who REALLY won ?
The professional "card shark" clownz, or The Bikeman, who
barely knew how to hold his cards?
Did you know there were undocumented clownz-created
exceptions to the Panama City victim's rights laws?
to see a copy with The Bikeman's notes added.
The Bikeman has been released from jail... but at what cost?  He has once again been robbed of his
Consitutionally guaranteed jury trial! - more soon -
Do Angels really walk among us?
This is as close we've seen, so far...
Thank you, Kevin Wood

The Bikeman has been issued a release order!
No more excuses and delay tactics!


Activist Jim Bikeman Declared
COMPETENT by State Experts at
 Chattahoochee State Hospital!!!

Competency evaluation results
Accompanying petition for an excessive
bond hearing

A major victory in the war on corruption !!!

January 23rd, 2012

Judge takes that one extra step over the line, and
orders pleadings of "habeas corpus" stricken from
the record as an "unauthorized document" !!!

When will this unconstitutional, and illegal activity
and harassment come to a stop??? 

Petitions of "habeas corpus" and more
have been filed on The Bikeman's behalf,
by Florida's own advocate's advocate,

Here are the documents...
 Notice of Appearance Amended Notice of Appearance
Motion for Leave and Extension to
 File Amended Petition for Habeas
Memo of Law and Facts RE Motion for
Access to Records

Will Judge Fensom do the right thing?
Or will he continue playing the "good 'ol boy" game?

What fresh, new harassment is this ???

December 1st, 2011:

Bikeman's bogus "felony littering" trial has
been postponed yet again...to an UNKNOWN date!!!

He now sits in jail, patiently continuing to
wait, while Bay County continually violates
His constitutional right to a quick, and speedy trial!!!

Yes folks, this is your tax dollars AT REST !!!

The Scandal Continues !!!
October 13th, 2011:

Bikeman's day in court is postponed yet
again, to keep The Bikeman in jail a
while longer !!!  Will the harassment
never end???

New date: November 17, 2011 @ 8:30AM
August 3rd, 2011:
 The harassment continues.

The "idiot clownz" force has now trumped up
some imaginary charges that they call "felony
littering" to arrest The Bikeman

The Panama City "Idiot Clownz"
force attempts revenge on Bikeman!
<-- Click picture for details!
Oath Of Arrest And Prosecution
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He came to town in a car, The
"Idiot Clownz" force busted
him down to a wheelchair.

Covenant Episcopal Church Endorses Bikeman's
"Oath Of Arrest And Proseceution"
Is Hollywood sending the wrong message to
our future citizens?  You be the judge...
Where is Judge Roy Moore, Now?

I'm not smart, I'm just desparate

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Let Jim Bikeman's paper
tell you how to protect
 yourself, and your loved
ones from the oppression,
and right-violating actions
of  "BAD COPS".

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